Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stop Me Before I Etsy Again!

I can't stop, guys. Seriously.

Last week the only things I'd really ever ordered from Etsy had been a rather large quantity of Carolyn Greenwood's glorious cotton/lycra sock yarn. And now I appear to have been hopelessly sucked into a vortex of handmade goods.

Christmas is the equivalent of sock yarn - money spent on it doesn't count. And I operate so heavily on a "one-for-you, one-for-me" principle that things are starting to get out of hand.

Gudonya. Stocking stuffers galore - stuff like my beloved Lush carries, only even more personally handmade and infinitely cheaper. (I love you, Lush, but really - does a bar of soap need to be nine dollars?)

Emily Designs. Beautiful handmade jewelry, absolutely stunning. Everything in the shop is 25% off, and while I haven't yet determined if the discount's already been taken or has yet to be taken, the prices were good enough already to pick up some earrings for me and a bracelet for Travis' mom. (We're done with her for Christmas, but hell, her birthday's in March, nothing wrong with being prepared.)

Yarn Ahoy. I can thank Rosi for the enabling there - but hey, the seller gives you a 20% discount on your first purchase if you go for the mailing list. Gotta make that discount count, right? Can't just buy one skein of yarn, it would be's the same idea I applied earlier this week to my shipment from The Sweet Sheep. Must maintain a rational frame of mind.

And Julia updated her shop tonight...which promptly sold out. She's hotter than a Madonna concert! I managed to nab one precious skein...and I had a skein of the famous-and-fabulous Strange Little Mama colorway IN MY CART and when I checked out, it was gone. Someone snatched it! God, it's like being at a Prada sample sale - bitches are ruthless. No one would dare pull that on me in person - I have a look of grim determination that's truly terrifying when I'm on a yarn mission. But the anonymity of the internet has its drawbacks....sigh.

(Got my first-ever skein of Mama-E sock yarn in the mail tonight. Holy wonders of the world - this stuff is SOFT. I wish I had Squish-O-Vision so you could squeeze it...I adore it beyond measure. And ya know, I still got that Yarn Pirate and the cutesy Mack stitch markers, what an awesome few weeks this will be for my mailbox!)

The best part about all this heinous indulgence? None of it would even COUNT in Wendy's Stashbuster '07 project!!! HahahaHA!!

(Meanwhile, Amazon is hating on me hard and fast. My order, received on Sunday with a promise to arrive in time for Christmas with free shipping? Yeah, hasn't even shipped out yet and is now projected to arrive December 27th. Well, Merry &%$*@#! Christmas to you too, Amazon!)

Go Etsy!