Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Beginning To Look Not A Lot Like Christmas

This is a loaded post. All my favorite topics - my pets, my knitting, my yarn, and stuff for me!! There's even a picture of Travis!

Despite the fact that it's still hitting a high of 80 around here in the afternoon (keep arguing that global warming is a myth, Congressional naysayers), I finally insisted that we go obtain a tree. (We've been dragging ass.)


Lookit my baby - it's so pretty! I like the fluffy branches of the white pines...and they're cheaper! Bonus!

We also gave the pups their Christmas present. We got them a big huge bed to share so they wouldn't have to fight over all the little ones (or kick us off of the couch). Of course it didn't matter that it was huge - they both wanted the same spot. The fight that ensued was amusing. And you can probably imagine how it ended.



Yep, ended with both of them finally settling down to snuggle with papa:


Oh it didn't.


"That's right, bitches."


We win!

Okay, the secret knitting continues, but just to show you how much I love me some Yarntini, a little teaser:

Yarntini Gimlet

I also love me some Yarn Pirate:

Yarn Pirate Hawthorne

This is her Christmas "Hawthorne" colorway. I love it - it's Christmas, all grown up. The red is more cranberry, the green more evergreen, and there's some chocolate thrown in for good measure. It's PERFECT. And she sent a Christmas card. Too sweet!

Okay, are you ready for this? This is my favorite bit of the post..

Last night was Travis' company Christmas party. He started a job with a new dealership in September and started making good money and working hard. Lot of people didn't really like that. (Management did, though.) The party was a blasty - it was Casino Night with an open bar. Vodka tonics + blackjack = good time. At the end of the night, we traded our chips in for raffle tickets, and a couple at our table offered us their tickets as well. We did the obligatory three-time "Are you sure?" and accepted gratefully.

We won a TV!!!!

WE WON A TV!!!!!!! A Samsung flat-panel LCD HD TV!!!! This thing is SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.

We won it with that couples' ticket.

I'm still feeling a little guilty. (Not guilty enough to give them the TV of course - there had to be some reason they didn't even want to SEE if they won anything before trashing the raffle tickets. I'm going with religious purposes, though it could be extreme wealth.) But I'm definitely grateful. We needed that TV...the one in our bedroom has been on its last screechy leg for months and months - watching TV isn't much fun with heavy audio feedback.

I don't know how many more friends Travis made with that, but ... whatever, we got us a TV!!