Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Am I Awesome? I Mean, I Must Be Awesome...

...to have been blessed with such good spoilers in my life!

Not long ago I got a surprise package of fabulous from Rosi G. And today, after my devastating (to me) doctor's appointment (just a minute), I swung by the post office to check for goodies. Besides a Christmas check from my father in Texas (which happened to be more than enough to cover the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club I had yet to figure out how to pay for - woot!), I had a package from Valerie!! Now, the Knitter's Tea Swap is long over, so this was just a super-nice-person thing she did. I'll have to post photos tonight when I get home, but I got a splendiferous spinny surprise that I'm VERY excited about!! Thank you SO MUCH, Valerie - you made my little crusty heart feel so warm!

(Oh, about that doctor's appointment - I'm mostly better from my latest bout of nasty sinus/respiratory infection, but I had some bloodwork to go over. Turns out this little vegetarian has a cholesterol level of TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY. Yeah. Hurray for heritage!! S'okay, it's been high before and I managed to work it down pretty quickly - I've just gotten lazy. I'll hit up some omega-3 supplements and cut out some of the junky stuff. But man, I really hate watching what I eat, hence the devastation.)

Guess what else? I'm a bellydancer now! (Of course I'm sure you realize we're using an extraordinarily loose interpretation of the word "bellydancer" here.) I started classes last night. Hopefully this will go much more successfully than our ballroom dance classes. (Uh, we attended two classes in total, but halfway through the second one I got upset at a mean old lady, yelled at the instructor, and left the room in tears. It was not a good experience - next time we'll definitely go to a different school.) I may not be a particularly good bellydancer, but I'm having a grand ol' time! And the instructor, Suspira - she's the textbook definition of a "firecracker"!

My folks decided to go on the fiber cruise with us. (They, like Travis, will not be partaking of the fibery part.) They've already booked a suite - I guess that settles it, we're definitely going! Though we'll get our own cabin, for what should be obvious reasons. >;-)

Finally - thanks to everyone for the well-wishes on the TV, and the reinforcement that we did the right thing in keeping it. Travis agrees heartily. I'm getting there...