Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Photos and Pointers

Sunday night I went to my new bellydance school's Christmas party. (I wasn't an official member of the school yet, but I had an invite.) The first performers were the younger girls. They were so CUTE.

Little BDs

They were all having such fun, and the crowd was loving them. Actually, the crowd was loving everyone - you won't find a more supportive room full of women than at a bellydance party. And confident! Every woman, regardless of size or appearance, just oozed self-esteem that was well-deserved. I didn't see a single woman get up there who wasn't hot hot HOT, even the shapely lady who appeared to be about my mom's age. She was my favorite dancer of the night - Travis' too - because she was a spectacular dancer and her personality just filled the whole room.

I didn't get photos of any of the adults dancing, but I did get a shot of my favorite young gal:

Little BDs

See the one in the white tank top there in the center? She was pure sass - I loved her! If you saw Little Miss Sunshine, think Olive. If you didn't see Little Miss Sunshine, see Little Miss Sunshine. (Out on DVD today!)

Next up, my goodies from the fantastic wonderful fabulous Valerie:


Hooo-ray! It's a big ol' pile (that's a scientific measurement that's not often used) of Corriedale fiber from Mata Hari Spinnery in the Autumn Leaves colorway! And the Spinner's Companion book that I had on top priority! Now, besides getting a better idea of what the hell I'm doing, I can answer Susan's question about the difference between top, roving, and batt!

Now, for your Tip of the Day.

In some extreme circumstances, you should attempt to rescue a needle that goes rogue as you turn your work, such as if it'll never be seen again if it gets out of your hands. Say, when you're knitting in outer space. Or if the needle is wired with explosives. Otherwise, if you're knitting over your lap and a needle makes a run for it, probably best to just let it fall. Even if it's just a little bamboo needle.

'Cause they still hurt like hell when you try to drive one through your palm.


Um, "ow" n' stuff. When you're as coordinated as me, catching a falling needle looks a lot like jamming the tip of it halfway through my own hand. It takes skill, folks. It's a gift. You either got it or you don't.

I got it.