Friday, December 15, 2006

Wooly Wonderland

You know how sometimes a non-knitter will buy you a gift, and it doesn't suit you?

Susan is not that non-knitter.

Organic wool

Today she gave me two skeins of this amazing organic Icelandic wool. (Sorry about the stock photo...I promise I couldn't take a better picture than this, and it does look like this.)

There is nothing more "me" than organic yarn. These sheep are raised on an organic farm - it's very circular, they're fed organic roughage, and they in turn produce organic manure - and the yarn is millspun in accordance with organic standards. Even though Icelandic sheep produce less lanolin, the yarn still has that wonderful non-commercial feel, that squishy feel that seems like it leaves your hands a little softer....I LOVE it.

I have about 410 yards, and it's a dk weight. Maybe a nice cabled scarf, you think? It'll bloom well when washed - it's a bit firm now - and I think cables would be stunning in this sort of natural wool. (I could dye it, but I don't dare. There's something so precious about this stuff as-is.)

And then I can wear it two days a year. Sigh. I wish I didn't live in Florida. Stupid, stupid warm weather. Yuck.

Ohhhh....maybe a cabled bag?! Those are so popular right now, and I love the way they look, and I'd get more use out of that...but I'm so terrible at finishing work, so I'm always afraid to try bags and purses.

Today I had several people in the office express interest in learning to knit. I think we're going to try to set up a Stressbusters class - once or twice a month, we'll teach a craft or something relaxing. I'm hoping El Capitan goes for it - if we don't pitch it as just a knitting class, but rather something to relax and boost productivity, it might be more appealing to management. We shall see...