Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nausea Can Be Fun!


Did you hear about the next big fiber-related cruise? Mama-E says it's gonna be cool. And you must trust Mama-E. She will never fail you.

Uh....she also says Kate Gilbert's gonna be there.

(There's a cruise-y blog, too.)

Nine days...Baltimore to Nova Scotia. I think the fact that I'm seriously considering it makes me officially hardcore.

Now. If I only knew someone who might be interested in traveling to Nova Scotia. Maybe somebody who, besides loving knitting and spinning, had some ties to Nova Scotia. Something that would make her really want to go there for a little while...again. Damn. Wish I knew someone. Anyone.

(In some cultures, they say, subtlety is highly valued. Huh. Imagine that.)

But hey, ya know what? Let's ALL go!! (Though, am I the only one concerned that spinning on a boat could really be nauseating?) I confess, $1200 is a lot of jack...but I've never been on a cruise. And I can tell you right now, there is almost zero chance Travis and I could ever go on a nine-day vacation anywhere for $2400, by the time you add up air/hotel/food. (And I can tell you right now, there is almost zero chance Travis will be remotely interested in this cruise. He gets enough of this shit at home...I doubt he'll want to deal with it, at sea, with a couple hundred fiber-crazed nutjobs in addition to the one he already has.)

What else....I signed up for a nifty monthly fiber club surprise thingie - it was about $75 for four months, shipping included - which didn't seem like a bad deal, especially if it means having a surprise box of fiber in my mailbox once a month. (Especially when there's a good chance it's gonna be Mama-E's and SweetGeorgia's fiber!)

The new Knitty issue should be coming along any day now. I'm antsy. 'Cause ya know, I don't have enough projects I want to start...might as well throw a few more on the pile!