Friday, December 08, 2006

Well, I Suck.

Edit: PS! The Winter Knitty issue just went up!!

I'm late posting this - Jimmy (best friend's boyfriend) had seen this tidbit weeks ago, and my mom just saw it on a national news story, which means that every knit blogger who hasn't posted it already will be posting it any day now...

knit ferrari

This bitch KNIT A FERRARI.

Art student Lauren Porter spent ten months knitting this thing, a full-sized replica knit with over twelve miles of yarn.

I want you to read that last sentence again.


What have YOU had on the needles for ten months? Hell, I got a pair of socks that's at seven months, and I only have one completed! A whole car in ten effing months. I know we should all be really impressed with her, and thrilled that she's bringing attention to us again...but frankly, ten months to knit an entire CAR really just makes most of us look bad.

She better not have had a job, a life, or any other WIPs or FOs for that ten-month span.

In a related story - I still have not finished a damned thing. I'm close on my Dadfriend Socks, though. Then I can whip up that matching Zephyr sock for moi. I really want to do the Leather Herringbone Cuff from Alterknits as a Christmas gift too...but I'm not sure how well it will turn out, and I don't want to kill my hands, which knitting with leather seems like it would do.

Schrodinger knit this gorgeous Ripple Weave sock out of Brooklyn Handspun. Like a dumbass, I went to the site and poked around. Why do I DO that?! Now I have another ten skeins of sock yarn and four spinning batts I want. To quote Schrodinger, "You're supposed to be DEstashing, not REstashing!"

True. But, I ask you, don't we destash so that we may restash? (Nevermind that I've already replenished my stash several times.)

I went home last night and showed Travis the cruise. I told him about it. I bubbled, I effervesced, I enthused. I spoke about it in that "when I go" and "they keep lists of singles so you can find a roommate" kind of way. He asked about whether there would be other stuff to do there that wasn't knitting-related. I said sure - I mean, it's a boat...I'm sure there's other stuff. So damned if the man didn't later mention saving up for OUR cruise!! He appears to actually be considering GOING ON A KNITTING/SPINNING CRUISE with me. I would bear quintuplets for him right this minute.

I'm hoping to have a picture of something worthwhile to show you by the end of the weekend. An FO, preferably - although if all else fails, it'll be a silly picture of Travis, me, or a pet. I hate not having anything to visually stimulate you, and there's only so much snatching of photos of other people's knitting I can do before you catch on.