Monday, December 04, 2006

And The Knitter Of The Day Is....

Rosi G.!!!!


My reaction on tearing open the envelope waiting in my PO Box today was pretty much "F***ing WHAT??!!" Rosi had emailed me to expect a surprise. I'm a low-expectations kind of gal, so I was all stoked, waiting for maybe some chocolate, a cool pattern....but no WAY! That's a cobweb lace wool, a Habu silk/mohair (it never ceases to amaze me that the Habu factory is in an alternate universe where 120 yards fits into a half-inch square), and some beautiful stitch markers!


Check the cobweb! Man, 1650 meters in 100 grams...whew!! I keep staring at this stuff, wondering, "How do they get it so....LITTLE??" And the label's all in Finnish. (I know that because the label says something about Finland. Which, of course, prompted me to launch immediately into song.)

Row Markers!

I love special stitch markers, and these stitch markers are uber-badass. Here's an explanation of how they work (they're low-tech, but so damned clever). I love it - my Boyfriend socks have a six-row pattern repeat and I was sick of dedicating my katcha counter to that, but I was also sick of counting those rows and second-guessing myself. Problem solved, baby!

Thanks, Rosi! You made my day! And it's a Monday, too!!

We had another special treat tonight. Travis hooked us up over the weekend:

Dee Flames, Dee Flames!!

For some reason, some crazy bastard converted the fireplace in our nice 1920s-era house from wood-burning to gas. Travis re-converted it over the weekend, and blessedly, the temperature dropped drastically and we could light it up tonight. He got a little overzealous, though, lighting the fire and throwing all the windows wide open. I pointed out gently that I was still, um, kinda sick. He closed the windows and continued to pace in front of the fire, staring at it with pride. While I ate dinner. I honestly was sort of expecting him to strip naked, start grunting, and stick his fingers into the ashes to make cave drawings on the walls. I gently explained that, while I was proud of him and thrilled about our fireplace, he had just thrown a match on a starter log, not actually DISCOVERED fire. He acquiesced, but there was still just a hint of caveman....

Kill pigs, eat pigs, rawr!

But......He complained that this pose was designed to make him look too Neanderthal. So, for his benefit, I'll point out that after a few hours, I looked at the fire, then back at him, and frowned.

" do you turn it off?"

See, I'm an idiot and he's a caveman. We're precious.