Sunday, September 03, 2006

Uh, They Sell That Stuff In Stores, You Know...

Quote of the day: after stopping to massage my swollen drafting hand and stating, "I'm starting to get tired of this," Travis states almost grimly:

"We're getting a wheel, aren't we?"

I don't know when, and I don't know how, but .... yes.

Here's where we stand, much of this having been accomplished over the past few days. Once again, we have SP Vicki to thank for the sudden spike in productivity around here. (And I'm sure Travis, who spent the day doing his chores....and mine too.....was thrilled.)

(I had to futz with the color/saturation/hue on pretty much all of these pictures to even get close, so that's why my furniture may seem to be strange colors...)


Top: Spritely Goods Batt in Pink Guava
Left to right: Eggplant sliver from SP Vicki; Lavender roving from SP Vicki; Blue/silver Merino/Tussah from ... someplace in the Carolinas

I think so far, my favorite to spin has been the Spritely Goods. The stuff spins like iron - thin or thick as you want, easy to draft, soft as spun sugar but tough as steel. Wild. And while I'm not normally crazy about sparkles or shimmers, I DIG the firestar in this batt. (I got my batts from Pure Knits, but Spritely Good Goddess Stephanie has set up her own shop recently and has tons of fiber and other stuff...and I emphatically give the highest possible recommendation to what products of hers I've used so far.) SP's lavender comes in a close second - it was easy to get an even spin. I had fits the first time I tried to spin the eggplant sliver, but I must have been having an off night because I picked it up today and it was a cakewalk.



(The only photo I didn't mess with, and I should have - it's much more true lavender than it appears here.)


(This will be plied with the lavender once it's dry....and once I get up the courage to ply.)


I need to come up with a slew of short-skein projects.


Sick of this one yet? One more:


Plenty for a beanie. Whew.

Currently...a super-thin single of my other Spritely Goods batt, in Bursage, to become a 2-ply fingering weight for a gorgeous lacy fall scarf (And I do mean SUPER-thin...I've been spinning for eons and it still looks like I've accomplished nothing.)

I call this photo "Portrait Of A Couple's Spare Time":


(That's Travis over there on the couch, getting his ass handed to him by his 14 year-old sister in a brutal game of Mortal Kombat...he'd look more annoyed, but we just finished eating ice cream and chocolate cake. I always forget how much fun it is to have little-sister sleepovers!)