Monday, September 04, 2006

Quick, Quick!

Quickie post, quickie project.

Got an hour to kill? Forgot a friend's birthday? Need a hat to go with your outfit? I threw this little number together this morning while waiting for pancakes. (Yep - still me, still spoiled.)


The Stats:
Yarn: Ozark Handspun, one skein in Midnight Rose (I would have a thousand skeins of this yarn if I could)
Needles: Skacel Profi, US 17, 24" circ (woulda gone faster with a 16"); some random dpns, size 15 (didn't have 17s)
Pattern: Um, yeah...I cast on 26 stitches, knitted for a while in the round, did some very random unplanned k2togs until I had 13 stitches left, cinched it up, called it a day.
Start/Finish: This morning

For real, how cute is it?


Wore it a bit today, fits like a glove. Actually, it fits like a hat...a well-fitting hat.

(Non-knitting tip: See Little Miss Sunshine the first chance you get, if you haven't already. I have nothing, absolutely nothing, to criticize. And from me, that's really saying something.)