Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Link-tastic Post!

Work on the Razor cami trudges along. (There's an issue with the hosting site, so no link to the pattern.) I keep making mistakes, but I don't notice them until several rounds later - stupid little stuff that's hardly noticeable, or so I tell myself - and I just kind of keep on knitting and ignore the errors. No one will ever notice, and if they do, I'll hand them needles and yarn and declare, "Here. Knit me a better one."

I'm snarky.

I'm also working (slowly, slowly,) on the Swallowtail Shawl. I was thrilled to see it knit flawlessly in Hand Maiden Sea Silk, which is the LUSCIOUS yarn I'm using's going to be beautiful. I think the colorway I have is Capri - I got it off of Destash, and I like it, but my mom would LOVE it. And since she has a birthday coming up in November and the shawl contains a lily-of-the-valley pattern (that's my birthflower), I think it's kismet. And who says every single thing I knit has to be for me? (Oh, that's right.....I said that. Well, I try to never listen to me anyway.)

(Oh, and while I'm at it...check out what that knitter did with the leftovers.)

The closing photo you saw last post, by the way, was the humble beginnings of said shawl. I'm only a little bit further along than that, although not as far along as I was by the end of that day....I discovered a goof somewhere, ripped back a few rows, botched the whole thing heinously, and ended up starting over. I'll be installing lifelines every twelve rows or so now. And when I get a bit further along, perhaps every other row. I can't imagine the agony of ripping twelve 500-stitch rows. And since this is my first major lace project, I can probably expect some ripping.)

Hey, a new Knitty! Didn't see that coming...did that seem awfully quick, or was it just because I didn't manage to knit any of the twelve projects I adored from the Summer? (Scratch that....I did one.)

I signed up for my SAFF classes. Stupidly, I didn't do it when I meant to (my registration form has been in my desk drawer for three months) and many of the classes I'd intended to take filled up. But Beginning Spinning is the important one. And I got that. (And I continue to refrain from major yarn or other purchases until then so I can splurge on fibers and yarns and ..... wheels?)

Oh, wait.....I may have one little splurge coming up this weekend.....


To be continued...