Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hat Of The Week

My friend Billy came to me on Thursday and, in great earnest, asked me what sorts of knitting projects I had going at the time. Since he was running our rehearsal (he's assistant directing the show I'm in), I thought I had perhaps missed an entrance while working on Razor. Instead, he requested to purchase a beanie. I always think it's cute when good friends offer to buy my wares.

So of course I tossed together a beanie for him. (And no, of course I'm not going to let him pay me for it.) I have no idea whether he'll actually like it, but it was a good knit either way, and I can always whip up another hat for him if it's not to his taste.

Behold, my first Fair Isle.


Travis was kind enough to be my model. (I have a feeling he'd also be willing to shoulder the burden of wearing the hat if Billy decides it wasn't what he had in mind. I got this feeling because he wouldn't give it back.)

Project Details:
Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha in two colours (I don't know where I threw the labels...)
Pattern: Swell from Knitty
Needles: Size 8 Colonial Rosewoods, Size 8 Addi dpns
Start: September 8
Finish: September 9
Changes: Left the earflaps out - easy enough, just started with the two purl rows. Should've started the colorwork a little sooner, though - I feel like the waves are situated a bit high.

I don't have the reverse side photo for you - it's not a complete mess, but it's nothing to write home about. Here's some thumbnails, if you're so inclined.

IMG_2288 ........... IMG_2287 ........... IMG_2284

Okay...back to work I go.