Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paris Hilton Got A DUI

That doesn't have anything to do with knitting or my post, nor should the misfortunes of others give me joy.'s Paris Hilton.

Okay, so, on to positive things! My One Skein time has wrapped up - my pal sent me a knitted gift and a little extra giftie. I left the reveal card with her web address at home (despite spending my entire morning chanting to myself, "Remember to grab the card, remember to grab the card,") so I'll have to formally introduce her a bit later.


(Hey Pal, a question - what yarn did you use? It felted BEAUTIFULLY!) I love it. I also love the "flower" at the bottom of the bowl (which makes me not want to put anything in it, so as not to obscure the effect.) Our living room is a rather bland place right now (wood and khaki everywhere), so when we have a coffee table/ottoman, this will be a centerpiece. We must have color!!

(The chocolate? Only LOOKS unopened. It's Vosges Haut Chocolat Red Fire Bar, which she reports as one of her favorites. You won't believe it - but my most favorite chocolate in the world is anything dark and hot. My best friend makes her own chocolates every Christmas and they are seriously five alarm, and I love it! But I always eat it all within three days and then have to wait another 362 for another batch. I found this rather sad Choxie "Hot Chocolate" at Target, but I taste no peppers, only cinnamon...yawn. But this stuff? Ohhhhh my goodness. And I might have forgotten to mention the chocolate to Travis. Shhhhh!)

And so ends the Secret Pal Summer Season. I'm grateful and spoiled, but sad....I had such fun! Thanks to my pal for making this exchange such a great experience!

How about a little Razor progress?


I'm knitting it in STWC Bamboo, and I DIG the shade (yarn originally purchased for the Picovoli, but I changed my mind.) I do not dig the yarn itself, or rather I do not dig the combination of the yarn and Addi Turbos. Slippery little sucker, pretty inconsistent stitches. Argh. And maybe it's just me, but this is not a particularly quick knit. I know it's the yarn weight, but damn. I started Friday, and even with other projects ongoing at the same time (and a three-day spinning binge thrown in there,) I feel I should be much closer to completion by now.

Still, despite all that, I think it'll come out very pretty.

Finally - I think it's unfair to focus so much on my dear Roo kitty and not give any of my other children some love. So here's my eldest, my adorable MinPin, Little Bit.