Friday, September 15, 2006

Episode 23, In Which Alyson Needs A Vacation.

"Oh boy....

....ohhhhh boy....

...I think maybe....I must have done something bad....but I don't know what...."

Cue the

Yep, Brodie's in prison. (And yes, that crate is too small for him. We bought it figuring he'd be a Miniature Pinscher, but he turned out to be, ah, not really very miniature. He has a bigger one, but it's drying from the weekly hose-down.)

Why would I post about my little boy being in prison, here, on my knitting blog?

One guess.

Here's my Razor progress:

Razor Progress

Not bad, eh? But what's that little bit of schmutz on it? And is the picture fuzzy?

No. Razor is.

Destructo Strikes

"Alyson, really!! You should wind your yarn before you knit with it!"

Uh, yeah. I did. And I just joined that ball on THIS ROUND. And while I was sorting things out upstairs for the weekend...

I Need This Vacation....

...Brodie was wreaking. See, Brodie hasn't yet figured out that knitting isn't his toy. No matter how many times I yell, no matter how many hours he spends in time-out, he can't get it. And I always think my knitting is secured and safe (this time it was INSIDE my knitting bag.)

Brodie Hates Knitting

Okay, yes, I AM grateful that Operation Hate-On-Mommy didn't end with my Razor off the needles. (I'm also a little stunned, since I found the first bit of yarn at the top of the stairs, and descended down the stairs, through the living room, through the kitchen, and into the dining room before I came to the end of the yarn and, thankfully, my intact Razor, covered in fuzz and dust and a bit of cat hair and yes I'm a terrible housekeeper.)


Salvaged! Lots of snips and tugs and bad words, and I think I may have enough here to finish the project. (Although, hallelujahpraiseJesus, I do have another skein tucked away - no sweat.)

The carnage:

Sort of....

Understand that I HATE wasting yarn. (Obviously not quite as much as I hate being patient, but this was still after about 30 minutes worth of detangling.) I keep the most inane snippets in stash just in case. (In case of what? I dunno.) So this was painful.

Probably not as painful, though, as standing at the bottom of the stairs, ears up, head cocked, wondering why Mommy's so mad and then having this come charging down the stairs toward you:

Crazy Yarn Lady!

Pause for a moment: I love any picture where I look like a nut. I may have to make this my new profile photo. And to prove just how much I crack myself up, here's me four seconds after that photo was taken:

I Kill Me!!

In closing, I am ready for my weekend. No animals, no house, no knitting....well, okay, there will be knitting.....just me and Travis in................

To Be Continued....