Monday, September 18, 2006

Eye Candy Monday

There won't be any knitting photos for a few days (or possibly longer), as my camera went for a little dip in a waterfall lagoon this weekend. Hopefully we can get it working again, so I can show you my bit o' Swallowtail progress I made on the plane.


Our view, including the courtyard

Here's the view from our hotel room.

We flew to Puerto Rico this weekend! Travis had no idea, it was a total surprise...he thought we were going on a roadtrip. We flew into San Juan (for a STEAL, thanks to the wonderful el-cheapo fares on JetBlue, my favorite airline) and immediately fled (old San Juan is beautiful, but overall....well, there are prettier areas of Puerto Rico). We stayed on the east coast, in the Fajardo area, at the Westin Rio Mar Oceanfront Golf Resort and Spa and General Tropical Paradise. We rented a wave runner in the Caribbean, visited the rainforest, had massages, slept with the sound of the ocean, ordered lots of room service, and crammed a five-day vacation into a two-day weekend. I'll be getting ready for work any minute now.

But for the time being, I do have photos from the first day - the camera went diving on Sunday and I have to wait a bit to upload those photos, which are from the rainforest and iguana-spotting day. (There was this ENORMOUS iguana just hanging out on the lawn at our hotel, chilling, giving everyone an opportunity to admire him. I love iguanas now - they're all, "Go ahead, check me that a good angle? Want me to turn a bit?" I swear I saw him hamming for the camera.)

So, if it interests you:

Guess where we went!

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