Thursday, September 21, 2006

Help Me! (Free Stuff Involved)



I can't buy any more sock yarn. Not because sock yarn counts on a yarn diet (it doesn't, dammit) - but because considering my average output, I'll be long dead before all of this yarn is gone. And I want more.

I need to get rid of some yarn. Might as well give it away. But I don't know many knitters, other than my mom - and she doesn't knit socks.

Point? Take my yarn. Most (not quite all) of this yarn I'm not particularly attached to. And it's good stuff.

But I can't give it away for nothing. Give me something to fix what ails me:

1. I have too much sock yarn.

2. I have too much laceweight.

3. I have too many good single skeins - the kind of stuff of which I could only afford one skein.

I need pattern suggestions. Good patterns for lace, socks, and single-skein projects. Freebies are always good, but patterns to buy and book referrals are good too. I'll pick one, or a few, or several, patterns I really like and whoever suggested them will get yarn. Simple.

And you don't have to suggest something I've never seen before. If you want to suggest Jaywalkers, suggest Jaywalkers. (Okay, but don't suggest Jaywalkers because now that would be cheating.) If you suggest something I like, even if I've seen it (or knitted it already!) you'll win. I'd love to see some new stuff too, creative, be clever, and of COURSE you can refer me to your own patterns. (You may get bonus points, as I'm not brilliant enough to write my own good patterns yet.)

Leave me suggestions by comment (leave a link, if it's a web project, so I can continue to be lazy....that's part of my problem) and make sure there's an email address or some way I can let you know if you win - and I'll take your personal tastes into consideration when selecting your yarn, of course!

Oh, and make as many suggestions as you want - the more gold you give me, the better your chances!

Let's give it a deadline - Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday the 27th - say midnight, Eastern time.

Finally - I have few tell your friends, tell your circles, tell your readers. Seriously, I need to get rid of this stuff. I have a fiber festival coming up.