Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You Still Have One Day!!

In case I was misleading - the contest ends tonight at midnight. I said Wednesday at midnight, but if you're obsessively analytical like I am, you might be saying, "So was that midnight that just passed or midnight that's coming up?" Because technically, Wednesday the 27th at midnight eastern time was indeed last night.

You have until TONIGHT at midnight eastern time to submit your suggestions by comment on the linked post. I've seen some super-spectacular suggestions so far, and I'm having so much trouble narrowing it down! I've decided to have eight winners - so your chances are pretty darned good!

(Oh, and I decided on the yarns I'm willing to part with. Go ahead and peruse them if you'd like - there's some Koigu, some Opal, some Vesper, some Mountain Colors Bearfoot, some Greenwood, some Sweet Georgia...I've posted twelve thirteen choices - we'll have eight winners, and that'll leave me with a bit of stash for a future contest, or maybe just a random giveaway...this has been fun!)