Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Unemployment Is Fun!

Well, it is when it's temporary...Travis is on a "vacation", having left his job on Friday and starting his new one next Wednesday. So he's got ten days to do stuff! Yesterday's "doing stuff" was mostly coming up to my office, bringing me two dozen roses and taking me to lunch, then grilling up some swordfish and veggie skewers for dinner.

And there was this:


(Heh - he melted down some chocolate chips with a bit of cinnamon and dipped strawberries in it....yum!)

On to knit stuff:

Rooster feels strongly about his yarn:


Look at him, licking his lips - told you he thought it was almost as pretty as he is. (Or he's sticking his tongue out at me, frustrated that I would even TRY to find something as pretty as him. I'm not sure which.)


There's that shelf I've been going on about! It's system is sort of wacked and messy, but I assure you there is a system in place here.

I might have a sock yarn problem:


Been working on the same pair for six weeks. Think I'll ever get through all this stuff? Sigh.

Psst! Lookit:


(Model shots come later.)