Monday, August 28, 2006

Rejoicing In Discombobulatedness

(The title is nipped from Necia's comment the other day - it made me laugh...I've made it my own personal motto.)

Zee FO, she is still blocking. Or rather, lying around in humid air, languishing, dying to be worn to work. I'm a bit nervous about that idea, too - wearing a handknit for the first time to work sounds frightening. What if it droops? What if it sags? What if it stretches during the day and ends up somewhere around my knees, with my bosoms hanging out?! I'll bring an extra blouse, just in case.

I have no real reason for posting...mainly I just wanted to acknowledge my SP, who left a comment I forgot to email a response to - so, SP (er, Vicki) - I'm so excited, but sad it's almost over. You've been such a great spoiler, and I've enjoyed our time together. And, to be fair, I'll avoid visiting your blog until after I get the reveal package. (It's killing me, just so you know. But I'm making an effort just for you. And to be completely honest, I did glance at it on Saturday. But I decided not to read anything until later, really!)

I owe so many pictures...the FO, the shelves Travis built, Rooster examining his cat-matching yarn...soon, my pretties, soon.

And in today's happy "Travis Is The Greatest Knitting Widower Ever" story - I love that at 2:00 a.m., when I finally whipped my shirt off the needles and slipped it on, he just stared and stared at me for the longest time - and when I finally said, "Well? Are you gonna tell me what you think?", he just quietly said, "I can't get over it. You MADE that. It's incredible." Awww. I guess I should knit him a sweater.

If I ever finish his socks.