Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pal, Pal, Pal!!!!!!!!!

Aww, I got my last package...I was sad but that didn't stop me from tearing it open the minute I got a chance. (I would say "the minute I got home", but Travis was tearing apart the bathroom replacing faucets, and he needed several things right that know how it goes.)

And it was a WONDERFUL last package! Some of my favorite things, some new things...I haven't taken any pictures yet, though. I know, I suck - I'm wearing my Picovoli to work today, and I wound off some really nice handspun yesterday, AND there's all those goodies - and I've photographed nothing. But there was all SORTS of fabulous things...some of which will not be photographed in their original state. (There might have been some fiber in there that didn't stay unspun for long.)

So yeah, basically I was so excited about spindling up my new fiber that I didn't drag out the camera yesterday. Even though I was home all day hiding from Ernesto. (Not really - but the good ol' US of A did give me the day off for my safety.) I got a new cell phone too, and spent part of my day playing with that.

So anyway, I'm rambling and the point is to tell Vicki that she is a FANTASTIC pal!!! And I LOVED my package! And I'm so glad I had you to make my first Secret Pal experience so great! And I will post a big gushy photo post very soon!

Now, I gotta go read her blog!