Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yellow Rose Of Texsocks

Okay, one Susan Sock down, eight days gone. Seven to start and finish the second, then wash and block the pair. Considering how much time I relatively did not spend knitting this first one, I'm doing well enough. And, if all goes horribly wrong, at least I have one sock I can put in a bag (and take back immediately).


I am, however, concerned. I'm ballparking - I know she wears a size 8 and her foot appears to be a bit wider than mine. So I made the sock shorter than one for me would be, but wider. Except I made it a bit more than a bit wider. Kind of a lot wider. Like, "cut the toe off of this and it could be a dog sweater" wider. So I'm hoping she can wear them okay, even if it's just around the house. I also botched the length a bit. They may have been a hair long for her, but I hope I managed to avoid disaster by decreasing each round at the toe - the ribbing is bunching a little around the toe, but I can block that out, and if not, no big deal: it squares right up on the foot, and the bunching is only noticeable when they're lying about. Oh, and I goofed a little on the top-of-foot ribbing - okay, fine, I shouldn't ever try to knit a sock without a pattern. But that's what makes them special - I was trying to make them just for her...oh, I feel like a kindergartener trying to pass off a lovingly crafted papier mache ashtray to non-smoking parents.


Here we have it on my foot - it's not too bad, really, but I wish I'd done better. Still, I like the way the yarn (Opal) patterned up (even if it does feel funny when knitting - that superwash coated feeling, yum...) and I do always enjoy knitting a sock without a pattern, even if it's just a simple 3/2 rib. And even though I wasn't crazy about the colours in this skein, I do like that it has red, white, blue, and yellow. (Hence the name - we're both Texans, so I like that I got the flag colors and pulled off a clever little "Yellow Rose of Texas" pun.)

Oh, and I JUST found out that friends Gina & Geoff are having a baby girl! And thank goodness, because I had girl-yarn stashed, but I didn't want to start until I was sure. Wheee!