Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Greatest American Hero

I'm so proud of myself. I'm a bona fide enabler. (Or at least part of a team of enablers.) Rene did her first spindling, and it looks awesome. (And I'm frantically trying not to focus on how much more even her twist appears to be than mine was...)

I haven't bought yarn in a little while. I got needles on Saturday, but no yarn. Like my snarky soulmate Kathy Griffin says, I am a strong black woman. (Or, at the very least, a woman.)

I did finally cave today and order a yarn winder and swift. The idea of having to hand wind all of that velcro-y Malabrigo makes my stomach cramp up, and even though Doni at the LYS said if I brought it in, she'd be happy to wind it, I couldn't possibly ask her to do that.

Oh, and this is how much of a cheap bastard I am - Joann won't let you use the 50% off code (which is junh650, hee) on more than one item in an order, so I actually purchased the winder and swift separately and paid for shipping twice. It still ended up saving me maybe ten bucks. Hey, that's a decent skein or two of something!

I'm still trying to get through my Susan Socks. I can't get over how much I want to do and how little time I'm able to dedicate to my projects, especially now. And it doesn't help that I'm a thrower, but I'm COMPLETELY incapable of throwing with just my index finger. I have my own excruciatingly slow special process. It's not really THAT slow, but I want so badly to be good at the index finger thing. (Don't offer advice, it'll just end in tears - I've spent hours obsessing over every possible way to do this, and I'm just too handicapable. You know, I can't roll my "r"s either, which to my mind makes me lousy at Spanish - and Travis has spent hours trying to teach me how. Some things I just can't do.)

Amazon is sitting on my Montse Stanley and my Debbie Bliss Special Knits books because the other (non-knitting gifty) book I ordered is on backorder. Damned combined shipping.

When Jessi was here, I showed her my Odessa hat and she said, "Oh yeah, I saw that!" The only place to see it is here...on my blog...where I talk about knitting projects...including Eleanora. Damn. Not like I tried to keep the blog a secret from her, or anyone for that matter, but I just figured this stuff was way too dull for anyone who doesn't knit. (And probably a few people who do...) So, yep, gotta keep the Jessi projects secret from now on, y'all.