Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Indy!!

First and most importantly: Today is Indiana's fourth birthday (observed)! She's an adoptee, so I had to create a birthday for her, but I know it's not far off because I adopted her at about eight weeks. For her birthday, I didn't have any treats (someone broke into the stash and ate the entire bag...but she's not a big treat fan anyway, the freak) but I did allow her to play with my yarn:


This is a CAT given PERMISSION to mess with STRING. Why does she look so disinterested? Nay, even disgusted? Because this is what was going on opposite her on the bed, while she was attempting to enjoy her birthday attention:


Here's Brodie with Dead Fred, one of his favourite toys (destuffed, of course...I think it used to be a bear, but who can tell?)


I've no idea why my dainty little princess has any interest whatsoever in this little deflated toy, but they spend more time fighting over Dead Fred...


I'm really very proud of how she manages to hold her own against a dog more than twice her weight.

Oh, and I started my second Yellow Rose Of Texsock tonight!


What's that? No, no, this is the same yarn. What are you talking about?

Yeah, I finally woke up and took a good hard look at that Opal sock this morning at work. I took it downstairs to Susan (different one, not the birthday Susan) and we had a good laugh at that poor sock's expense. It is not, mind you, the Opal's fault that I'm handicapable. Okay? So, without further ado, I present to you:



It's HUGE!!! AND IT'S COMING TO GET MEEEE!!! Save yourselves!! Run, RUN!!!!!

The good news is, there's no need to knit a second sock!


Finally, as if all these other humiliations aren't enough:


It's a HAT. This sock is a FREAKING HAT.

It's okay to laugh. I burst into giggles the second after this photo was taken. I'm not taking this hat sock to heart, and CLEARLY this sock is not taking me seriously.

So I'm starting over, and hoping to get this new pair (Lorna's Laces in the Baltic Sea colourway) done in a reasonable size period of time. I haven't decided what to do with poor Opal yet. Right now I'm keeping her around for our amusement...ah, we do have our fun.

Oh, a word on the Britney Spears interview on Dateline: Matt Lauer!!! I'm surprised at you!!! Jeans, and penny loafers, and NO SOCKS???? Well. Apparently I need to knit socks for Matt Lauer now, too.