Monday, May 08, 2006


Oh happy day! I got my pal match! I can begin spoiling at will....and I can't wait! They gave me someone very different from me in a lot of ways, which I actually find very exciting - I may discover some new things. For example, she crochets, and she's not at all a yarn snob like some people I know (points at self). So I got lucky! I feel like I should at least pick up a little crocheting, since it does come into play, and maybe if I have a crocheting pal, it will inspire me.

AND this morning the Sweet Shop was back up and running! So I ordered a few different colourways for Travis. Hurray for handdyed yarns that are vibrant but manly, I was NOT looking forward to knitting him black socks - yawn - and now I can use that black Regia Silk for something nifty. And Felicia, the brilliant girl, assessed the situation and dyed about 20 more skeins of her Angel colourway - there are still quite a few left, so now that I have mine safely ordered, feel free to click the link and pick some up yourself!

AND I got a LOT of work done on my second Greenwood sock - cast it on Friday afternoon and I'm almost done. Okay, I probably could have finished it this weekend, but I was having severe bouts of stir-craziness...Travis and his dad have the task of rewiring pretty much the ENTIRE house (all 2200 two-story square feet of it) and I locked myself and the dogs in the bedroom to stay out of the way. I even pulled my knitting out briefly at Britt's birthday party - I believe Jen even got a picture of me knitting at a party. What am I DOING? Who AM I??

Travis and I went on a date Friday night - ice cream and putt-putt. I got the blue ball (obscure-ish Tiny Toons reference). Then I lost it. So I got a yellow ball. Then I found my blue ball again. Which I stuffed in my purse. (Hey, if you love something, set it free - if it comes back....steal it.)

Oh, and for the record, the score was...oh, it's too embarrassing. Let's just say I spanked that ass. >:-D