Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh, Boo.

I was itching, burning, cracking to get into Sweet Georgia's shop yesterday and pluck free the only skeins of sock yarn I have ever seen Travis look genuinely interested in (his motocross colours - white, grey, black, red), and her server crashed - no shop until at least Monday. This is a lot of pressure. I'm stressing over this, for some reason, as if those were the last two skeins of yarn on earth.

I have to rant for a moment, and this isn't really knitting-related, but it it crafting-related: So I sold all my scrapbooking supplies on eBay just to get them out of the house - I should have just given them to a friend instead, but I'm dumb - and I didn't bother setting a reserve. I shipped by UPS instead of the post office like I normally would, and yesterday I got an email from the buyer - the box arrived busted open and some stuff had been a bit messed up. She said she'd inventory this weekend and let me know if anything is missing. Um....thanks? What will you want me to do about it? Run up to Michael's and ship new stuff to you to replace it? Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing...

She paid ONE DOLLAR for this stuff, plus the actual cost of shipping. Factoring in eBay and Paypal fees, I LOST money on this transaction. It chaps my ass that because of damage done in shipping - NOT my fault - she might gripe about a missing pair of scissors or something when she paid A DOLLAR for easily fifty bucks' worth of stuff. This is why, generally speaking, I dislike people.

On to happier knitting news: I finished another sock last night, whooo. Out of sheer determination, I managed to knit pretty much the entire foot portion, the toe decreases, graft the toe, and weave in ends - I started at about 7:00, and I was still in bed by 11:00. I was whooping ass and taking no prisoners on that poor little sock. I took one blurry picture and then my camera's batteries died. (I opted for the Canon Powershot with the flippy screen but no recharging option...good ol' AAs.) My wonderful Travis bought me a battery charger and rechargeables, but they're still in a box no pictures until I can dig those up.