Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh, The Humanity Llamamanity!!

This is probably the last thing Harry saw before it all went black:

(Archive photo)

This is the last thing I saw before Brodie retreated to the back corner of his crate after a stern nose-thumping:

(Archive photo)

And this is Harry after the events that transpired on the morning of Thursday, May 4 while I was recovering from a morning migraine. (Note: this did NOT help.) Warning: The images you are about to see are graphic. Discretion is advised.

(Not a dramatization.)

This is Harry, my little furry llama friend who tagged along with me when I came home from my most recent visit to Taos. I like gathering up goodies for the house from each trip, the more fiber-related, the better.

This is Harry's face after a brutal Brodie-Attack. In an attempt to remove some Brodie-slobber and nose remnants, he's been brushed with the kitty-comb (as Rooster stood by, meowing something at me that I think translated to, "You dirty trollop!")


I can do some reconstructive work on this, but Harry will not be the llama he was. For God's sake, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a .... whatever professional it would take to restore Harry to his full llama glory.

On to more positive things...I'm feeling a bit woozy again...


The first Greenwood sock is complete! I wanted to wait until they were both done, but...I...didn't. (What? I have no other excuse.) The pattern shows up not nearly as lacy as the original pattern would have in a plain old sock - but I actually like it better this way. And this sock is comfy with a capital "omfy". As always, my camera hates stitch definition, but I tried:


Oh, the colour's not quite so screaming-mimi pink as it appears here. And I guess Grumperina's probably right - it would do best in a stockinette base - check out the nearly perfect striping on the botton of the foot:


I don't normally care for self-striping variegated yarns as much as good handpainted solids or semi-solids or randoms, but I LOVE THESE SOCKS. (Er, THIS SOCK.) Good thing...I have eight more pair to make with this yarn line.