Monday, May 01, 2006

It's Knitmas in May!!

Oh Lordy! I got almost everything I've been expecting in the mail today. The post office was even tricky enough to put it all in one package locker so when I only got one key in my box, I was only expecting one package...but no! Two skeins of Greenwood cotton-lycra sock yarn (no more for a while...eight is enough), about six or seven sets of Addi Turbos, two sets of rosewood circulars, three skeins of red bamboo (that may or may not turn into what I would like it to turn into, a pattern written for a cotton blend), and a gazillion (or six-ish) skeins of hemp that I'm planning for a shawl that should be knit from linen (but, to be fair, I was told the pattern would work well in hemp, which I found for $13 PER SKEIN cheaper than the linen I wanted to use).

I have a serious problem with knitting a pattern in the yarn it calls for. Weight? Whatever. Gauge? Yeah, yeah, sure sure. Yardage? I dunno, I'm probably close...ish...

My cute cap-sleeve top may turn into a dog sweater, it may be a duvet. Can we pretend I'm a process knitter? But I'm not entirely delusional - if something is clearly not working, I'll frog. Actually, I've been known to doubt myself too much and frog even when something clearly IS working. So yeah....maybe process knitter.

(But seriously, how do I learn without doing?)