Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Like Cheers, Only Yarnier

Hey, if you wanna see some pretty crappy photos of a pair of socks, they're at the bottom!

I have this weird thing about being recognized. I think it comes from my extreme desire to be famous. I love when I'm out and someone recognizes me from a show I've done. I love walking into a restaurant and having servers know what I want to eat or drink. I really loved when they started saying, "Hi Alyson" at the gym before I handed over my membership card. (That day is long gone.) I loved, and this is almost embarassing, how the guy from the shoe department at Neiman Marcus would call and tell me that a sale was coming up this weekend. (Those days are also long gone...I'd rather have sock money than shoe money.)

More than anything, though, I love that Carolyn Greenwood sent me an email this morning to warn me that she was about to put up a whole heap of yarn for sale and she wanted me to know in advance, since she knew a total raid on her shop was imminent. (It's not at all sad that I took lunch an hour late so I wouldn't have to take my chances by leaving my it?)

It's funny, I got my tip-off to her yarn from the same place everyone else did (Grumperina) but I just jumped on it a lot quicker. And probably with more gusto than was really necessary. Today's purchase brings me to 13 skeins. I don't know that I even have the capability of making 13 pair of socks. (I'd like to point out that most of them will be for other people...I'm not completely greedy.) And I still have at least 12 pair of socks to be made from other Koigu, Bearfoot, Lorna's, Sweet Georgia, Lisa's Sock! yarn....I need to start making lists. (It's what I do - lists keep me sane.)

Hey, you wanna hear how stupid I am?? Secret Pal 8, right? I email my new pal, and I'm all secretive and everything and all "Haha I won't give you hints so don't ask" and clever...and she responds, very nice person, I'm liking her already...and I read it and think, "I'll answer her later"...and I pull the email back up to review it...and I blink...and I think, "No, surely I didn't just see that"...and I look away...and I look back...and yep. There it is. My NAME. Yeah, it asked for my name when I set up my super-ultra-top-secret anonymous email address and I forgot to remove it from my settings. So there's my whole entire full name in the "from" line. She was nice enough to not just laugh right at me, but she has to be thinking, "Great, I got the dumb one." And I so wanted to be good at this. Poo. Just.....poo. At least I discovered it in time for my One Skein pal to be truly secret. But, still, DAMN. I mean, I'm bright! I got into good schools! I had excellent test scores! I was on full rides at all my schools! Hey, I'll say it - I'm Smart! What the hell??


Okay, I present my new pair of socks:


What? I didn't say my new MATCHING pair of socks! And my options were too much light or not enough:


The Jaywalkers are in Artyarns Ultramerino 6 - I love the colours, but I'll be waiting a while to finish the second sock. I realized they're not superwash, and since it's Florida, I have no use for straight-up wool socks until winter. Otherwise they'll felt when I wear them, and I don't really need slippers. I am, however, really in love with the colours, even if they did pool funny on the top of my foot.


The other sock is the same half-pair of the Greenwood socks - I'm almost done with the second...I'm guessing I'll have a complete pair by Wednesday, latest. Man, if only I didn't have the pesky job thing getting in the way of my knitting.