Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Dull Posts With No Pictures. Super.

I have still accomplished precisely squat. Two hours of knitting that damned cabled belt last night got me only marginally closer to finished. Stupid thing, with its 12-stitch width and the turning, turning, turning. And of course I keep forgetting my camera so I can't take funny pictures of myself knitting surrounded by drag queens and giant blow-up Godzillas. (Seriously, I LOVE the Fringe.) And I'm so busy leaving the house at 7:30, working, then Fringeing, and not getting home until midnight, that there's little time left for following charts - so still no sock. Meanwhile, damned Rocket has finished hers. BOTH socks. You hear that? FINISHED.

(Sorry about the "damned" part, Rene, you know I don't mean it.)

For those who have been losing sleep like me - all's well in Friendland - I've enjoyed TWO phone conversations in the past two days with my nearest-dearest, and received news that Momma R. is responding very well to chemo and all previously-imposed deadlines should be put out of our heads....double-and-triple whee!

I feel as though my Secret Pal 8 button is rude. I couldn't decide whether to use it or not, but I do love my Stewie (greatest link ever - be sure to tell Stewie to "kill Lois".). The button comes across a little stabby (the inference that one would expect pain to follow acrylic) but I do feel acrylic has its place. Largely not in my home...although there is room for non-natural fibers. My skein of Colinette Isis in Cardinal, for example, has been stashed for AGES while I wait for the perfect project. (And I don't feel I can use it until I determine what on earth possessed me to buy a $25 ball of rayon.) So the button stays, but only because I find it amusing, not because I'm mean.

I also feel I should carry extra needles and yarn with me everywhere I go. I'm constantly being told, "I really want to learn how to knit," and there's nothing I can do to make that happen! I'm surprised how many Fringe people take an interest in knitting. I'm also amused by how many people are stunned to see me knitting at Fringe. My belt, green and long and textured, from a distance resembles a snake coiled up in my lap, and I assure you that would be more acceptable at Fringe than having a pile of yarn in one's lap, so I get a lot of strange looks. Yesterday a stranger walked up and declared, "You're really knitting!" as though I had called him ahead of time and informed him I would be knitting, and he had figured I was lying. My reply? A deadpanned "No I'm not." (Then right back to the knitting.)