Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Need To Go Home RIGHT NOW

You know how it is, you're at work and you find the PERFECT PATTERN and you have the PERFECT YARN in your stash and you NEED TO start that project THIS MINUTE.

Susan presented me with, among other amazing things, this book today as a birthday gift:


There are about 30 things in here I NEED to make right away. (I know, the cover's a little creepy, with the army of dead-eyed knitted dolls staring back at you - but you gotta trust me, every single thing in here is a gem. I love the elephant, and the kangaroo, and the starfish, and the sailor doll clothes, and the fish, and the and the and the.)

I also got a needle case (huzzah, organization!), the Spring Vogue Knitting, and the Spring Knitter's magazine. And a Napoleon Dynamite birthday card. (Hee.) I'm so excited I could plotz.

Fringe is so amazing - I've seen about six shows so far, and all of them were really wonderful. I was supposed to see some shows last night, but Travis called and reported that Little Bit was very sick, so I headed home. "Very sick" translated to "yakked a little, but is acting just fine and eating just fine," so I think "Little Bit's acting funny and threw up blood" translated to, "I'm tired of being home alone all the time and you should come home and spend time with me instead of going to Fringe." So I did. And I'm glad - a friend of mine is leaving for Atlantic City to perform for four weeks, so we had dinner with her and her family last night, and that's more important than Fringeing. I'm back to the grind tonight....a show tonight, a show Friday (and a volunteer shift), then two Fringe shows Saturday and four on Sunday. Oh, and let's not forget the matinee show at a local theatre on Saturday that I also have to see, starring three dear friends. Then I shall NEVER set foot in another theatre again! (Until June 2, when I'm seeing another show in town. Oh, and the show in Gainesville I'm going to try to see. Oh, and.....)

Okay, I'm a Knitter now, but part of me will always be a Drama Queen.