Thursday, May 25, 2006


Let us first begin with my sorry-ass progress on Eleanora:


Yeah, I know.

How about something pretty nature made?


Sigh. I love peonies.

How about a snake?


How about the fact that I received a personal email from Yarn Harlot today?? She responded by email to a comment I made on her blog today. Travis is the best man EVER for being impressed immediately, without any explanation as to who the Yarn Harlot is. (He's used to seeing her books strewn about the house.) I think he was sort of amused at my excitement as I explained - "See, she's a writer, and she wrote special words that were intended just for me. That's like if you bumped into Julia Roberts on the street, and she performed a little improv scene just for you!"

Which reminds me, I saw Gregory Peck walking through the lobby of a hotel in Vegas several years ago. I was temporarily paralyzed with respect and awe - he was so regal and impressive a man, even in his late years. (He was with his family, so I couldn't possibly have disturbed him...just sharing a lobby with him felt like an honor.) "Starstruck" isn't my thing, but sharing a room with an icon (with well-deserved status) did make me feel special in a way that seeing Deion Sanders in a fur coat on the streets of New York or nearly getting kneecapped by Carrot Top at the gym (I'll have to tell that story someday) didn't.

But I digress....


Done! (Note: I actually did want it to have sort of a sloppy handmade look to the whipstitching.) I attempted to find D-rings that I liked, and decided on something else, then I stumbled onto a belt kit at Joann's. Literally - I collided with a display of sale items and found a kit with a bit of wide ribbon and that buckle...for three bucks, CHEAPER than the makeshift D-rings I'd settled for. And it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. (And with bonus ribbon!)

Crotch shot!


I had, ah, sort of a difficult time getting a decent picture of the belt as modeled. Sorry. So here it is, in all its useless glory, bravely holding up a pair of rapidly tightening pants that USED to be my fat pants...but somehow I seem to have started expanding at a frighteningly rapid rate. (Time to make more regular appearances at the gym...)

Digressing again...


Oh, and you should know that I didn't actually bother changing out of my jammies top for this picture. The artful photographs of accessories outdoor amidst flower bushes, sweaters modeled in the woods? Yeah, not me. I want pictures now, and moving on.......