Monday, May 22, 2006


Once again, I have nothing to show for my weekend. You see, it's Fringe Festival time again here in Orlando, and I'm volunteering and seeing plenty of shows and there's little time for knitting, really - there are a lot of volunteer jobs that involve a fair bit of running around. I do like being a Venue Captain - it sounds very official, but it really amounts to sitting on a stool behind a little podium for about four hours, during which time two shows go up and I have to spend a total of about 15 minutes tearing tickets and handing out programs. That is PRIME knitting time. I got some work done on the Eleanora socks (although I put them aside from Fringe knitting because it was difficult to keep track of where I was in the chart with people coming up and asking questions - plus, it sucks when someone you haven't seen in AGES runs up to hug you and you have to stop them, "Wait, wait, let me put this down and mark my place in the chart!") That, and knitting for my intended Eleanora recipient is stressing me out right now - I'm having an excruciatingly difficult time getting hold of her, having not spoken with her in a LOOONG time (not even on her birthday!), and I'm beginning to worry she may be upset with me. I'm sure socks would cure that (socks cure all) but knitting the socks stresses me out now, because when you knit for someone you get all involved in thinking about them a great deal, and I keep thinking of 15 years of memories and worrying about where she is, what she's doing, how her family is holding up...I may need to make a little drive this weekend.

Anyoldway...back to yarn tales. I've picked my nifty cabled belt back up, and I'm proud to declare I've decided what to do. I think you'll be excited. I'm knitting it twice as long as I want it, like I said, and doubling it over. But - here's where I get clever - I knitted some extra plain rows to make room for the fold-over point, and then I reversed the cables so they'll run in the same direction on both sides! I know, I'm so amazing. (This is Cables 101 stuff, I know that, but it's my first cabling project and I still feel clever - it helps when Travis looks at things and declares, "Baby, you're so clever.") Then - THEN! - I'm going to use the orange portion of the skein (which I've removed) to stitch the doubled-over belt on all sides. (I love the orange portion of the Noro, but one weird orange section in the middle of one side of my mostly-green belt doesn't have the same ring to it as the lovely continuity of an orange border all the way around.) I'm so thrilled about this little project - and I don't even LIKE belts.

Knitting makes us do strange things.