Thursday, May 18, 2006

I've Accomplished Nothing

I've started a pair of socks, and I LOVE THEM. I've failed to get too much done - I'm blaming Tom Cruise. (We went to see Mission: Impossible III last night.) But here we have the details:

The pattern (Eleanora) is concise and well-written and beautiful and of historic significance. The recipient is a special person, who deserves a special gift. So I bought the pattern (yeah, I bought a sock pattern, something I never had any interest in doing due to my Nancy Bush options and the myriad available free on the web...but I struggled with it and couldn't turn this one's too perfect.)


The yarn is Lisa Souza's Sock! Merino, specially selected with recipient in mind. I adore the colour.

I couldn't really choose my favourite picture.


Man, the doubled fabric at the top killed. And the provisional cast-on....that was a first. My row gauge is dandy, but my stitch gauge is wa-haaay off. I've moved back down to the size 0 needles for the lower part of the cuff, and I'll knit the entire second sock on my 0s. Hopefully they won't look too different ....

Seriously. Chocolate bread. Can you think of anything more remarkable?