Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oh, That Blows. Oh, Cool. Oh, That Blows.


Yeah, that cold chill you just felt was my laptop tanking. The bad news - yes my hard drive crashed and yes the warranty is up. No telling whether the data will be recoverable. (The iTunes, the photos, the PhotoShop Pro I don't have the discs for because the ex got those...)

The good news? The saintly guy at Apple talked to The Powers and wrangled me a free hard drive. Which is spectacular. Hopefully all will recover from the old drive, but at least I'm not out any money. I like to think it's my sexy voice that won him over, not the fact that I'm a total Mac geek who has gone through multiple laptops, iPods, and iPhones. (Which, incidentally, is the only gadget keeping me sane.) Go Team MacDork!!

I took amazing photos in New Mexico, and if they are recovered, I'll be beyond happy to share them with you. I should be back in business by Saturday. Please send healing thoughts to the old hard drive if you have a minute.... ;-)