Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All In Good Fun

We're having a grand old time watching the debates and sharing some laughs. A few favorite moments:

Candidate: blah blah US has the 2nd highest corporate taxes etc. etc. Ireland has an 11% corporate tax!
Me: Oh, yeah, and what better example of centuries of shining opportunity, wealth and glory than Ireland?! Prosperity! Potatoes and whisky for everyone!!

Candidate, later: blah blah cadillac insurance policy covering things like cosmetic surgery, transplants...
Me: Ah, those costly, foolish and unnecessary organ transplants!
Husband: Hey, you got heart failure? Head to Ireland! They got money to burn, let 'em throw a potato in there!

We have a policy solution - invade Ireland!!

I don't know who "won", but the the real star of the evening? Plumber Joe! Watch out for Joe's ego - ugh, that guy's going to be a NIGHTMARE at work tomorrow.