Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Husband:

You know how I told you that I was making you take the next four days off so that we could get some stuff done around the house? Yard work, roof work, bathroom work, drywall work, all that? And you know how I've been going all over the place this summer, doing fun stuff and trips for Jessi's wedding and going on work trips to San Antonio all the time and planning my trip to New Mexico with just the girls in October? And you know how we didn't have any money to really celebrate our anniversary and we were really busy with my new-found yarn orders and all the wedding stuff and so on, and you kinda got the shaft on the trips and fun stuff this summer?

Now honestly, did you think I was going to reward you at the end of a summer like that with four days of hard work? Moreover, did you think I MYSELF would EVER take four days off work Come now.

Right now, you're on your way to VEGAS, BABY!!! That's right, LAS VEGAS!

AND!! Not only are you being surprised with Vegas, but you're being surprised with going to Vegas INSTEAD OF INSULATING THE ATTIC IN AUGUST. Who loves ya, baby? (Okay, and maybe it was a little mean of me to f*** with you like that, but I think you'll forgive me.)

Your bag is packed - it's in the trunk. (Yes, I remembered the camcorder.)

You'll be staying in high class accommodations (but that part's a surprise and you'll see when you get there.)

Tomorrow morning bright and early, we'll be heading off to the Grand Canyon in our Mustang convertible I've procured for a day trip.

And you were right, we ARE going to Cirque du Soleil - in Vegas! We'll be seeing the show O on Saturday night - but the rest of the trip is yours. We'll be doing whatever YOU want - this is your trip. We've been under a lot of pressure this summer, and it's been tough, but you've hung in there with me and supported me whenever I asked and I love you so much for it, so this one is all you! I know we're going to have the BEST long weekend we've ever had. We'll be home very early Monday morning - take that day for you, rest and recover, 'cuz you're back to work on Tuesday to boast and brag about your awesome wife.

(PS: That sudden weird feeling that maybe we were going to see Cirque du Soleil? You didn't really think YOU put that idea in your head, did you? Yes, all your brain is belong to me - I put thoughts there on time-release, and they sprout right when I want them to. I'm THAT GOOD.)