Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gee, Wouldn't Have Seen THAT Coming

And I turned on the little crapped-out Nikon camera last night, expecting the usual 20-minute grapple with the lens cover (error! error!) and the damned thing turns RIGHT ON. Sunuvabitch. Why do all electronic things taunt me so? Now that I've spent money we didn't have on a new camera, this one's going to be just fine. Pfft.

Oh well. Better camera, can't hurt anyone. Two functioning cameras, also useful. Technology mocking me at every turn, unsurprising.

So, the big news: I had my first sewing class last night!!! I finally sucked it up and admitted that while teaching myself to knit went just fine, there's not much complicated machinery involved in that process, and when there are motor-driven fast-moving sharp pointy things involved, maybe best to allow a professional in on the process. We learned some basics, and actually MADE a real THING in class:

OMG I made something!!!

A pillowcase! A pillowcase!! I sewed an entire pillowcase! (I am so. stupid. excited. I was bouncing around with this when I brought it home - you'd think I sewed a knockoff Christian Dior wedding gown. It's a freaking rectangle. But dammit, it's MY rectangle!)

I'm going to make more pillowcases. Pillowcases for every room in the house! Pillowcases for everyone! Heal the planet with pillowcases! I can cure world hunger, one sewn rectangle at a time!

I might be overemphasizing the critical importance of the pillowcase on the world stage. But. I'm excited.

We got to pick the fabric we wanted out of ANYTHING IN THE STORE. That is AGONY. (And yet, who is surprised by my selection of orange and brown? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, who woulda figured. I know it's a quite, um, noisy print. But orange! Brown! Orangebrown!!) Next week we get to choose between an apron and a tote bag as our project. I'm leaning toward apron, with tote bag as homework. (We get both patterns.) But more importantly, oh my, what fabric will I use for my apron?? I'll need to get there really early to start the selection process....

I still knit:

Wollmeise Knee sock

My Wollmeise knee socks - I've finished the calf decreases now, so it's just a regular old sock from this point on. This is my going-to-the-movies sock, the one I don't have to see to work on. I knit most of this during Horton Hears a Who! and Baby Mama. There's no deadline on these. But here they are. Just for the record.

I'm also still working on my Silky Cowl Tank by Zoe Valette from Sensual Knits in Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple. I have about nine or ten inches of the body done - I'm knitting even tighter than gauge, so it's slow going (and also not guaranteed to fit, but that's not really my ultimate goal, obviously, or I'd put it on waste yarn and check it):

Silken Cowl Tank

I'm sorry I didn't take better pictures of everything I'm working on - I got all excited about the camera working and figured I should drag everything out and photograph it while I could.

By now you've no doubt seen the Knitty surprises. How awesome is Kristi's Froot Loop sock?? I want to knit it nowish.....