Monday, February 25, 2008

Off My Game, and Sale News

Something feels ... off. Do you ever have that feeling? It alternates between jitters and nerves, lying awake at night worried about.....something? (Something I said? Something I'm going to say? Something I did? Didn't do?) Strange aches and pains and itchy nagging coughs and that odd lump in my lower back - coupled with too many years studying forensic pathology and investigating medical claims? Constant self-diagnosis. (Fibromyalgia? Restless leg? PTSD? Have I even been traumatized ever, let alone lately?)

Weird. I'm fine, really, I'm Maybe that explains the total lack of blogging ability lately? Where's my ... sparkle? :-)

I'm still knitting, though. Not spinning...after the last blast of spinning and yarn-creating, the shop languishes with too much stock (or so I think), so I haven't been very motivated, despite the acquisition of Lexi's book Intertwined. That book is going to have a big motivating effect on me once I come up with a good excuse for spinning again.

Good excuse would be less stuff in the shop, so I'm having a sale right now. Lower prices on everything. Help yourself, if you feel so inclined. :-)

The Oscars? I was stoked. It's a big night for me, since I'm such a fan of (good) movies, and I was really happy about the winners, if not the fashion. (Oh look, another black dress. Yawwwwn. Black and red - what is this, the Modscars? Also, was Cameron Diaz at the gym and realized she was supposed to be at the Oscars like five minutes ago? A ponytail and a shower curtain? Really?) Oh, and I can't help but be a little peeved on two tribute points - one, way to cut Heath Ledger off at the knees there at the end. (Oh yeah, this guy died too. We're not sure if it's still too fresh or if everyone's tired of thinking about it, so we'll just flash this one quick picture and cut to commercial.) Two, ever hear of Brad Renfro? You know, that other young actor cut down before his time - no matter how self-destructive, all talent deserves recognition.

For the record, of the 23 categories, I was correct in 18 of my picks. Not bad - I've had better years, but considering how wide-open the races were (and my perhaps against-the-grain picks that turned out right) I'm pleased. I had a sushi lunch on the thing, and I won, so that was a lovely little boost - I do love my volcano rolls.

We watched a record number of movies and DVDs in the last week in the final run-up to the big show - Juno, Michael Clayton, Gone Baby Gone, Away from Her, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ... It's that last one that had me flummoxed. If you're in 80% of a movie's scenes, you're pretty much the head guy, right? Casey Affleck, while flattered by all the attention, must have been kind of surprised to find out he wasn't the lead in that movie. ("But see Casey, you're The Other Affleck Guy, and he's Brad Pitt. So he's the lead. Right? Okay, action.")

I've decided I'm a fan of This Affleck as the director and That Affleck as the actor. Let's stick with that dynamic.

I was thinking today - I can't believe how little I've done in the way of acquisitions this year. Very, very, very little yarn or fiber has made its way into my home, unless it was part of a pre-existing agreement or custom need. (Sock club or special order, that kind of thing.) I'm sort of proud of myself, and yet I sort of feel like a poser. Enabling and acquiring at bizarre rates of speed, these are kind of my niches, you know? I haven't felt the pull of many things this year, really. But - how badly do I want the Hello Kitty sock kit from Woolgirl? Really badly, that's how badly.