Monday, December 03, 2007


Hi. I'm at work, as usual, but today has been rough. I'm beating myself up for letting something fall down on my things-to-do list and not getting to it in time. It happens, but it's always irritating nonetheless, and while I can joke about it and make things happen fast, the fact remains that I let myself down by dropping a ball. Dontcha just hate that?

Anyway, I got some spinning done this weekend - two complete skeins of a worsted and a DK weight, hurray! I still have a TON of knitting to finish (well, a ton to me anyway...two hats, the Hemlock blanket, a deadline project, and whatever else comes up...) and a ton of spinning I really MUST get done.

Yesterday marked six months of wedded bliss - and they said it wouldn't last! Heh. We celebrated by going where I wanted to go for lunch, and then skipping the movie Travis wanted to see so that I could go to Joann's Fabric. (Bet you can't guess why our marriage works so well. Poor Trav. But he got to stop at the ice cream place he wanted to try, and we ARE going to see the movie - we just were running late and had to bail on it yesterday.)

He was quite patient in the craft store, and found lots of ways to entertain himself. After 20 minutes of searching for a "husband chair" and griping upon realizing that one was not to be found, he took to roaming the store searching for amusing items. He found the world's largest Omega symbol, about two feet high (I have no idea what this would be used for), and held it aloft over his head, shouting "FRAT BOY FOR LIFE!!" Well, it was shouting for a craft store...eerily quiet places, aren't they??

Here's my favourite collection of items he turned up, though - he almost refused to let me take this photo, but when he walked up like this, I said, "You KNOW I have to blog this. Don't do cute stuff and think I won't want to take pictures"

Travis kills time in the craft store


So, yeah, nothing else to see here. Um, when the yarns are dry, I'll show those off. I'm sorry I'm so low energy and nothing-to-showy today...other than the few hours we spent outside the house Saturday and Sunday, most of the weekend was spent staring at Bitty. Watching her sleep, watching her wander around, watching her readjust and get comfortable, trying to get her to eat, trying to get her to take her meds, chasing her around with baby wipes...she is clearly SO SICK of the "royal treatment" and ready to be a normal dog again. We did go for a nice long walk on Saturday night with them, and they got to run around in the sand at the playground, which reminded us how long it's been since we've been to the beach. So since Bitty gets her stitches out on Friday, I think we'll head to a beach this weekend with them.

Why not. After all, it is still 80 degrees outside. (We stopped for ice cream yesterday and sat outside enjoying our cones...nothing like sitting outside in shorts on a warm December's day, trying to devour ice cream before it melts. I love it. Really, I do...I...NO!!! NOOO!!! ICE CREAM SHOULD NOT MELT IN DECEMBER!!!! Dangit. Sorry. I tried.)