Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bitty Returns!

Yeah...I'm home.
Yay!! Yayyyy!!!!!!!

She's doing really well, she's happy but kind of subdued (for her). She has a new bed, a new blankie, a new toy (with a little microwaveable insert so it's a nice little warm something for her to snuggle with) and some vet-approved treats.

Princess Di eyes
"Pleeeeease, can I have cookies?"

Sorry to say, he said Greenies were okay, but he didn't really sanction cookies. So I bought her some Greenies and her treat of choice, frozen green beans. I got the really good ones, too. :-)

The stitches
Here's one of Frankenbitty's three stitched-up areas. I'm not going to make you look at close-up photos of her behind - as much support as you've offered, you don't really want that, do you? But this is her back, where the doctor removed a cyst. We opted to have it biopsied, and it's a good thing, since it turned out to be cancerous. FEAR NOT!! It's not the horrible metastasizing cancer - it's just a remove-it-and-probably-won't-come-back non-invasive cancer. So we just have to keep an eye on her and watch for any lumps or bumps, but she should be totally fine.

Sweet baby
I explained to her how many cookies the knitters sent her, and she was FLOORED. She had no idea people loved her so much - and really, truly, from the very way total bottoms of our hearts, thank you all SO MUCH. Your charity, the kind words and thoughts and prayers - not to mention your help with the stash sale! - have been tremendously uplifting. I really don't know how I can begin to thank you all for who you are and what you've done. I love being a part of this - knitting is so much more than turning string into sweaters. I can't even describe what knitting is to someone who doesn't know. It's so deep - the people don't just make things with their hands, they make things with their hearts. Thank you for making Bitty whole with your hearts. We love you all deeply.