Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Thankful For My Corneas.

Last night I was driving home behind this guy.

Excuse me, I think you may have a visibility problem guess is this guy got rear-ended once and said, "Never again!!!" Any flat surface that wasn't covered with a brake light was highly polished chrome. So those two searing lights you see, those are actually mine.

And then he actually hit the brakes. (Yeah. Yeah, that one up there? That was just him driving brake-free.) So he hit the brakes...

He stopped, and my retinas exploded.

...and my EYEBALLS FELL OUT. As bad as this looks, trust me, it was ten times this in person. I actually screamed in pain. I felt like Kramer when the Kenny Rogers Roaster's moved in downstairs. (Probably the greatest Seinfeld of all time. When Jerry takes over Kramer's apartment? Oh, how I laughed...)

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, or as more commonly known for my international friends, Thursday. Yes, Thursday, that day when we give's....almost Friday! Yes! So on this Thursday Eve (also commonly referred to as "Wednesday"), I'd like to just take a moment for that cheesiest of Thursgiving blog traditions - expressing gratitude to you for reading this thing. It's hard to do without being cloying or ridiculous...but I really am glad for each and every one of you who reads this, even if you click over here by mistake and say, "This blog sucks, dude, how'd I get here? I was just looking for a more creative way of doing Around the World with my Duncan." (Lot of people stumble here looking for yoyo stuff. Understandable.)

So I thank you, because even though everyone starts a blog mainly for their own purpose of recording life/craft/whatever events, it's also not lost on me that if no one read this, I'd just be doing a technologically advanced variation on my lifelong habit of muttering to myself. You reading this - well, it makes me feel just a little less crazy. Thanks. I hope to someday meet each and every one of you so I can hug you and say thanks. And I will. If it takes me the rest of my life, I will find you. And I will charge into your house like I own the place, help myself to a cookie (you do have cookies, right?), roll around in your stash, and give you a hug. Unless you're not into hugs. Some people don't like hugs. So I'll just take the cookie, shake your hand, ask if it's okay if I take this skein of Opal because it's just the colourway I was looking for, and walk right back out before you really figure out what's going on.

(Hey, I said your readership just makes me feel a LITTLE less crazy.)

Happy Thursgiving!!!

PS: Just kidding! Ha!! You thought I was really going nuts there, didn't you?? Nooo, come on! I wouldn't take the Opal - y'all know I like handpaints. :-D