Monday, November 26, 2007

Handspun Monday

My GOD could I be any more dull lately? I mean, I haven't served up a damn thing worth bragging about lately. Well, not anything I can really show off anyway...we're back to the secret knitting again. I wish I was working on Juno a bit more, or even thinking about spinning some of the stuff I need to be spinning, but I'm really just whipping through secret knitting and being a bum.

I do at least have a couple of skeins to share:

Sage handspun

This is a kid mohair skein, spun from first-clip locks I purchased at SAFF. I love this skein, and put hours of hand picking, hand teasing, and hand spinning into it to create a perfect, silky, delicious which I am, it turns out, undeniably allergic. So rather than sniffling and itching and eye-watering my way through a knitted item, I put the skein up for sale in the shop. (It hurts. It really hurts. I love this skein.)

Pops handspun

Gift spinning - this is for a hat for my dad. He wanted a good, rustic, warm hat to wear to his 1800s reenactment outdoorsy thingies he does, so I spun up this wonderful wool/llama blend that I got as a gift from a highly skilled gift-giving friend at work. (She finds the greatest stuff.) There's still a bit of straw, hay, VM in this, but I think that makes it absolutely perfect for the project I have in mind.

I've discovered a stupid-friendly video game. I've not touched the XBox 360 I bought for Travis last year - which I guess is good, since that makes it a pretty selfless gift. But we rented The Simpsons Game last week, and I'm so hooked on it. Finally, a game that doesn't involve so much strategy and dexterity! I can't handle the hardcore-ness of the 360 - all the games for it seem to be for real live gamer people, and that's so not me. I just want to jump and punch. When video games navigated beyond Nintendo 64 and Super Mario, they lost me. But Gummi Homer and Bartman? That I can handle.

Finally, I have to strongly recommend seeing Enchanted. We went this weekend, and it was just the most wonderful movie - it could have been really stupid, given the premise, but it was remarkably well done, and Amy Adams and James Marsden are just pure bliss to watch. Travis even enjoyed it too, and I think he went into it braced and fully prepared to think it was the stupidest thing he'd ever seen. (And I defy you to not sing the damned songs from this movie incessantly after seeing it.)

And with that - happy knitting!