Thursday, October 18, 2007

Orlando Yarnbassador Goodwill Tour

Pssst: There's a cool update at Piddleloop's etsy shop. Cute bag sets, including ones with pink sheep - PINK SHEEP! - and Amy Butler, for all you freaks like me. There's one less Amy Butler bag in the collection than there used to be though. Sorry. :-)

Y'all all need to come to Orlando! (PS: Yes, "y'all all" is acceptable. This is still the South.)

I've had such a good time playing teatime with my yarnie friends from out of town! We met up with Valerie and her husband again for dinner on Tuesday night, and then I met up with Aimee last night for margaritas - I mean dinner - and MAN is it fun to meet people and be able to talk about yarn as much as I want!

On my way home from the restaurant last night, I realized that I forgot to take ANY pictures of all the good times (or the food) or of Aimee's awesome Tilted Duster that I begged her to bring along (or the margaritas) or of us looking like the hot dolls we are.

Oh wait, I did get one of those:

two chicks, hangin' out, holdin' bras

That's me on the right, and that's Aimee on the left. It's just something I like to do, you know, hang out with my friends, hold bras, look cute. All just a regular old Wednesday night. But how can we tell these hot chicks are knitters? Oh wait.


That's better. Now there's yarn. Thanks, Aimee! (Me, I'm still holding a bra. I gotta be me, ya know?)

Two days to Rhinebeck!!! YAAAAAY! (Enter the contest yet? I'm seeing some good have until Saturday to enter!)

Oh, and I forgot - Rhinebeck! (Heh. No I didn't.)

If you're wanting to spot me, I'll be wearing this Green Gable sweater:

In Progress #1

I know, I know. It's almost finished, I swear. I just haven't gotten a picture. I'll finish it tonight and take a shot of me wearing it, but in case you're not going to be blogvailable tomorrow, you have an idea. Also, probably jeans. Maybe a tan trenchcoat if it's rainy or chilly. Sorry - don't look for the wedding stockings. I have to keep those as pristine as possible for the knitwear competition at SAFF.

I'll hopefully not be wearing my eyeglasses, so don't be looking for those. New contacts came in. Oh, don't go by that photo of me holding a bra, posted above. That's, um, what I look like when I've just come from the gym. Yuck. As a reminder, I actually look like this:

Me and the Harlot!!!

I'm the one on the left, of course.

If you see me outside, I may be wearing big ridiculous sunglasses, like this:


I won't have that guy with me - sorry, this is a girls' weekend!

Further assistance:

In a state of euphoria, I may look more like this:

Yay, Knit Night!

Or if I run out of room in my totebags, I may look like this:

My mommy says I'm special.

Or, if you have your hands on the last skein/braid/bump of something I want, I'll look like this:

How I Felt When I Had To Reinstall The Software

I'll be at Rhinebeck, and the Morehouse afterparty, AND the Ravelry afterparty. Hunt me down!!