Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sale Alerts and Stuff:

I haven't enabled in a while! Let me catch up:

Flawful Art Fibers and Yarns: Sale on nummy rovings and beautiful handspuns (till September 6th, that's today!)

Schrodinger: Schrodinger's awesome box bags (only a couple left) are way underpriced and she's also offering free shipping! Buy fast before she realizes how much more they're worth! (Ms. Dinger needs a spinnin' wheel!) This is one of my favourite bags ever (I have a prototype, neener neener neener!) and I've already snatched another one up from the shop, too.

The YoYo: Self-serving, yes, but it's my blog - I've dropped the prices on several of my more mature listings, plus there's a couple of new goodies in the shop since I returned from Seattle.

The Sweet Sheep: Bunches of stuff on sale (and good news for the US, the exchange rate has swung back in our favour!) There are links to the stuff that's on sale here. (Also, did you check out her self-striping sock yarn club?? Umm, awesome!!)

So here we are looking mildly juiced at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery:

Lilypads and too much wine

Heh. Lilypads. Look at 'em. Heheheheh...

The aforementioned peacocks (I said cocks *snicker*):


And the funny pants lady:


Okay, it's not so much that the pants are funny, it's that the bamboo print bag matches the bamboo print pants PERFECTLY. I was in awe and maybe a little giggly about this. (We might have hit the gift shop and reserve tasting table before the tour, so I might have unabashedly chased this woman around the tour trying to get a decent photo of her pants/bag combo.)

After the winery, we went to Mama's Mexican Restaurant in Belltown. The booths were "decorated" - they encourage graffiti, so I whipped my Sharpie out of my purse:

I wuz here

For the record, I just drew the yarn and needles originally, but Travis insisted I add "The YoYo" as a signature. He thinks I'm famous. It's cute. (But to someone who doesn't have any interest in blogging, an average 200 hits a day sounds like a lot of popularity!)

Oh, and I didn't forget poor shaven Rooster. Here ya go - Travis managed to get more "accomplished" before heading up to Seattle. This is what my sweet beautiful kitty looks like now:

He shaved my cat

He's the anti-mullet! Business in the back, party in the front. *sob* But look at his face. He's not even aware, he's certain he's still a stud - he is also certain he smells quality catnip (I found some really good stuff on the trip) and he wants at it BAD. (See how he's standing there looking all innocent like he wasn't just rooting around in my bags? Yeah, don't buy that.)

So, now, go buy stuff on sale. :-)