Friday, September 07, 2007

More Sale Goodies, And So On

Traveling Rhinos: She's having a studio sale on some handspun yarns, batts, and other yummy stuff. (I'm in her fiber club and it's fanTASTic.)

Loriola: It's not fiber-related, and you may have seen it on Aija's blog too, but Loriola, maker of great lampwork goodies, is also having a sale. Her stuff is so nuts and cool - I picked up a couple of bones (one for me, one as a gift) and I LOVE this necklace. I may drop heavy hints to Travis on this one, since it TOTALLY reminds me of our wedding cake. Don't you think?? Edit: And now it's on sale, too, and oh my God don't you dare buy it before I can whine Travis into getting it for me because if you take it from me I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

Back to Seattle (still can't show you my knitting, so instead, distraction. Shiny object shiny object).

We went to the original Starbucks:

The original Starbucks!

We went inside, but I didn't drink - no Starbucks on this trip! Not when there's Caffe Ladro around! Who can resist picking up a latte from baristas who pride themselves on their Foam Art??

Mmm, coffee leaf

Coffee leaf! Heh! (On our last day there, we went to the store in Fremont for the *mumblemumble*th time in two days, and he did a "safe journeys" foam picture for us - a road and a sunset. I didn't take a picture, like a jerk, but it was really neat.)

For some reason, I took a lot of pictures of my food on this trip. My best friends are yarn and food. And cats.

I really should get out more.