Monday, August 27, 2007

So, The Plan Is... have access to the Internet in Seattle. I mean, it's freakin' Seattle. There's bound to be wireless and laptops everywhere. I think Bill Gates made it mandatory. But just in case, let me throw some photos up here before I forget that I had planned to put up photos to make up for today's earlier and basically photo-less post...

Rock Chick

"Rock Chick" handspun, 80 yards of pretty danged bulky superwash yarn, from a Sereknity superwash roving in "Pretty in Punk". I really love Sereknity's rovings - she may be my almost-very-favourite. (Do I even need to tell you who the very-favourite is?) I might have even ordered one or two (or four) more rovings from Sereknity this weekend....

Mr. Roosevelt

"Mr. Roosevelt" handspun, 160 yards of two-ply merino/bamboo in the much-sought-after Zizzix colourway from Ms. Funky Carolina. (Yes, I do have a weird fixation with Franklin Roosevelt. I name everything I can after him - a cat, a yarn, a goiter....okay, I don't have a goiter named Roosevelt. I don't have a goiter, period - in case you're retching. But Rooster is short for Roosevelt, and he's named for FDR.)

Mr. Roosevelt

I love this fiber - it's so sparkly and pretty. I have to take more care with this than I do with superwash or a BFL, but it's SO worth it.

These will both be up in the shop, but since I can't ship until next week, I see no reason to list them now....(wanna reserve one?) Heheheh....

Okay, I gotta finish packing and go snuggle up with the hubby for a little while - I won't see him until Friday night! (But I can't wait to show him Seattle!)

Ta ta!

(Oh, and one other thing - I bought my plane ticket to Rhinebeck today. Ha!!! Yeah!!!!!)