Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like A Bunny

Talking points:

Thoughts on U.S. Airways: Yikes.

Thoughts on Phoenix: Brown.

Thoughts on Seattle: Still love it here.

Thoughts on yesterday's vegetarian lunch offering: Lettuce is not a meal.

Yesterday we got out of the conference early, so we headed over on the ferry to Bainbridge Island - my ulterior motive for going was, obviously, Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. I passed on the Koigu wall (sorry, $14.25 per skein - I know the rents are high, so I get the higher prices, but I can get Koigu elsewhere) but when I spotted the Habu Kushu-Kushu scarf kits, I jumped with gusto - I can't wait to start! They also had a small wall of Socks that Rock (squee! got a Fred Flintstone mediumweight) and had JUST gotten the Vogue Sock Knitting book in, so I caved and paid full retail for it because it was so pretty. (Also, a skein of Malabrigo lace just for fun.)

The conference is going well - it's fun and interesting and I won a prize for being the smuggest person in the room. (We had 30 seconds to write down good things about ourselves, and I got fourteen down. Then I had to read them to a room full of 450 people. Thank God I didn't scribble something embarrassing. "Nice boobs" or something. Yeesh.)

I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but I'll give you something soon...hugs!