Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm attending a forum for work which is, conveniently enough, located here in the area, so tons of people from Specific Federal Agency offices all over the country are here, but I get to attend while enjoying the perk of still getting to sleep in my own bed. :-)

Still, since I went from the office to the welcome reception Monday night, and had to get up and leave super-early this morning and just got home, and have to do it again tomorrow, I'm going to save my energy and not compose much. (I should note that it's an honour to attend, very interesting, lots to learn and great people to meet, etc.) Tomorrow I have to be there even earlier - both because it starts earlier than it did today, and because it turns out they provide breakfast; so tomorrow I'll change it up and skip the Cheerios at home in favour of a more complete breakfast on dishes I don't have to clean. Yay.

Oh, and they did provide cookies today at 4:00; if there's one way to revive me and renew my love and passion for matters of Specific Federal Agency, it's definitely to give me a big ol' huge cookie. (My needs are simple and few.) I think it's mostly the sugar crash that's making me so braindead right now, actually. It was a really big cookie.

I managed to get my Sockapalooooza package off by mail (socks, Lantern Moon project bag, chocolate (x2), stationery, Frost Fish Cove soap - which is awesome stuff, by the way). Here's the finished socks:

Curve Ball

Project Stats:

Pattern: "Curve Ball", my own
Yarn: Dave Daniels' Cabin Cove in "Yankee Ikat" colourway
Needles: 2.50mm (US 1 1/2) Crystal Palace DPNs
Start: meh, who knows. I could look it up, I guess. June something, maybe? July?
Finish: August 5, 2007

There's a braided cable up the back, I swear:

Curve Ball

I'm worried she's not gonna notice and think I just knit some ribbed socks (which I kinda did, but with a twist!!). I think I pointed it out on the card though. Some might argue that it's not a good sign of a pattern/yarn match if you have to point out the design elements; but I wanted it to be kind of sneaky, hence the name "Curve Ball".

Don't forget, you have until the end of tomorrow to enter my contest by leaving a comment. Don't be shy....and be sure to utter a little thank you to Ms. Gadabout Knitter for guaranteeing another prize winner - I won a contest on her blog too! (Don't hate me because I'm awesomely lucky.) So since I've won three now, that's gotta mean there will be at least three winners here!