Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mail Day From Heaven

Okay, let me warn that this is going to probably end up being a loooong post. I have a LOT of gushing to do.

Remember how the post office lady was all "Oh, so you're the one who gets all the yarn?" Yeah, she must have had a good laugh Saturday while stuffing a package bin full for me. This is what I found when I opened locker number 24:

Now THIS is a mail day.

Holy CRAP! For the record, yes, I did order some of this. Specifically, I was expecting the little brown envelope on top, and the second box from the bottom on the left (the little one). Alll the rest of this is cool stuff from people who rule.

(Er, the stuff I ordered was cool stuff from people who rule, also.)

The white packet there is a surprise. I can't talk about that, sorry. Very exciting stuff, though. (It's not a baby. It may not be necessary to say that to you guys, but it's funny how many things people seem to think is a baby now. I cough? Baby. I have a secretive smile on my face? Baby. I'm tired? Baby. I'm happy? Baby. I'm sad? Baby. There's no baby! We've been married two months!!!! I know it's the South, but damn, give us a minute, wouldja?)

So much great stuff, I don't know where to start, so I'll spin the Wheel o' Cool Stuff and see where it lands......

Yummy all around

Aha! Naomi sent me this package of goodies (gummies and chocolate inhaled). She spun up this gorgeous, gorgeous art yarn from Carrie's Vampyr roving, and I was a gushy fan of it in a big way - so she sent me a little skein of my own!

Naomi rules

I'm not sure whether to just leave it as is on the coffee table Bowl O' Handspun or knit a little something with it, like an amiguri (is that right?) or something....but I lurve it!!

Coffee and Cow Poop

My best friend sent me presents!!! First, a cow that poops jellybeans. (This is endless hours of entertainment for us - I'm a simple person.) And the other is the COOLEST coffee sleeve ever - handtooled leather from Sunny Rising.

Etsy coffee cup sleeve

This is so fantastic. And it fits around my Starbucks mug, so as crazy as it may look to wear an insulating sleeve around an insulated cup, I'm gonna do it anyway. Because it rules. (Hot chick knitting in stilletos? Oh, that's SO me.)

From my sock pal

My wish came true! My sock palooooza went by the August 2nd date! (I have simple wishes.) I'm operating on the August 7th date; my pal is much more diligent than I am. I started inhaling the cocoa nibs right away. But you're wondering, what the hell - no socks?

Sorry, I had put them on instantly:

from my Palooooza

These are AWESOME. They fit beautifully! They're knit from Cascade Fixation, which is a yarn I've been wanting to try but haven't - I've never seen this colour! This is gorgeous, I love this green, and I seriously LOVE these socks. I'm not entirely sure about what the pattern is - I'm thinking Crosshatch Lace? Whatever, they fit like little gloves. For feet. Feet gloves. Which I guess would be....well, socks.

Same picture, slightly bendier toes

My pal, Luanne, is in Lakeland, too, which is only about maybe 40 miles from here. We got married in Auburndale, which is about five miles from Lakeland. Neat - howdy, neighbour!

Awesome awesome socks

Also loving the ribbed instep at the arch - perfect for my feeties! Yay, Luanne, thank you so much!!! :-D

Finally, there's this:

from SP10

from SP10

from SP10

My Secret Pal 10 goodies! She pulled out all the stops with this package - there's chocolate covered cranberries, a cute goldfishies-with-names pouch, a gorgeous Split Yarn case (which I love and I think I'll start using for my Moo cards), a small project bag, Girl on the Rocks' Kitchener stitch markers (I love these so much), some really cool yarn (dyed by a woman who uses her grandmother's dyeing recipes, which is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard a dyer do), some super-yum White Peach Sephora body creme, a sheepie mint body wash, and hmmm...there was something else...

from SP10

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! This is GORGEOUS! My very own Swallowtail Shawl - she'd mentioned a wedding gift, but DAMN. This is so beautiful.

from SP10

I knit one of these for my mom but (please don't tell my mom) this is so much more perfect than the one I knit. I feel compelled to knit another one now....

Closeup - SP10's Swallowtail

So beautiful...lily of the valley is my birth flower, so it's totally my favourite lace pattern. (I know, I'm all about me.) That's what drew me to knit it for my mom, too.

from SP 10

Look at that halo! I'm not sure what yarn it is, but it's insanely soft. It *feels* like cashmere, but ... surely no way. (edit: Robin, good call - may well be alpaca.) Whatever it is, I love it. I wore this all over the house yesterday until we had to go to the grocery store (and I had wanted to wear it there too, but Travis did make a good point when he noted that it was 97 degrees outside. But that's okay, it's always FREEZING in my office, so it'll be good to wear to work. Hee!)

My SP was completely amazing, and this was just an AWESOME final package. Thank you so, so, so much!!

See?! Was that incredible or what?? YoYo, YOU'RE having the Best Week Ever!! (tm)

(Psst: there are going to be two new skeins in the shop shortly.)