Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Enable Y/N: Y

I'm so in love with conditional logic....

Okay, so I'm enabley, we all know that. One of my most favourite sock yarns in the world (at one point my stash was loaded with SEVENTEEN skeins of it, before I realized I was insane and destashed a bit) is Carolyn Greenwood's gorgeous great-for-hot-weather Greenwood Fiberworks cotton/lycra handpainted yarn. (Seriously, I was a total junkie. Look at my early feedback - it's all from her!)

Her yarn is kinda like Cascade Fixation, only better 'cuz it's an indie lady and she's super-nice. It's normally enough of a steal at $15.00, but right now she's having a studio sale in her shop, and a whole bunch of skeins are NINE DOLLARS. Nine dollars! Nine!!! Go buy some!

ETA: Sometimes it looks like there's nothing on sale; she's posting periodically throughout the day, so check back in a bit. Or buy something not on sale; it's still a good deal, and she has a big pile of know it's always good to support a mother.

Tonight I'm going to see Hairspray and have dinner with hubby and friend T-M. Where's dinner? Why, since you ask - Hooters. (And Travis rolls his eyes - he has very little interest in the place. No, that one was all me and T-M, the least-likely people in the world to enjoy Hooters, as vegetarians attracted to and in committed relationships with men....but hey, we like what we like. And what we like is the mean grilled cheese sandwich. Now, please, get those things out of our faces - oooh, and bring extra pickles!!)